Dew Tour 2013

The Breckenridge Dew Tour was the first of five Olympic selection events for US Olympic hopefuls like myself to make our mark. Starting off the week strong I qualified 1st on Wednesday with a score of 89.6 (results and writeup). On Friday morning it came down to the last run of Superpipe Finals, my second run and final chance to wow the judges (results and writeup). With a score of 89.0 I landed myself 2nd place and walked away with 800 points towards my Olympic ranking (ranking and writeup).

Watch my second place run here: Angeli VanLaanen 2nd place Dew Tour Superpipe run

All smiles!

To top off my exciting result, America swept the podium with Maddie Bowman in 1st and Brita Sigourney in 3rd!

Dew Tour Superpipe Podium 2013


I am overjoyed and grateful to start off the season on such a high note! Big thanks to my coach Luke Allen, my amazing friends and family, my sponsors AtomicOakley and LymeLight Foundation and everyone who believes in my skiing.

Next up is the Copper Grand Prix this week. Qualifying on Thursday and finals on Friday. This event is the 2nd of 5 Olympic selection events. The “Road to Sochi” rolls on.

Comeback Update #2- Finding Balance

When I was very young my mom told me that life is like a tightrope walk. If we push away the bad and only reach for the good, we will fall off the rope. The goal is to find middle ground while navigating the positive and negative experiences life presents us with. I have carried this metaphor with me through some major ups and downs in my life. With each new challenge I face, the depth of her wisdom sets in a little more. Life is not just about the good stuff. It’s about balance. Without a bad day, we would not know a good one. Without hot, we would have no concept of cold. The contrast is what gives us foundation.

That being said, let’s get into my Comeback Update #2- Finding Balance.

In Update #1 I left off just before the busy competition season began. Since November, I have competed in 3 contests, landed on 2 podiums, traveled to 1 country outside the US and sustained 1 noteworthy injury.

It all started off with a bang! The North Face Open at Copper Mountain, CO was a dream come true. I was reunited with old friends and landed myself on the podium in 3rd place.

Qualifying day at The North Face Open Copper

Qualifying day at The North Face Open Copper

Click link to see the Freeskier article on Qualifiers

Finals day at Copper.

Finals day at Copper.

The podium at Copper.

The podium at Copper.

Click link to see the Freeskier article on Finals

The very next week was the Dew Tour at Breckenridge, CO. Training went great that week but when it came to qualification day, something was off. I was sick to my stomach and thought maybe it was just an extreme case of nerves. I pushed through and placed 7th in qualifications, just missing finals by a spot. It turns out I had unknowingly eaten scrambled eggs with milk in them that morning and I am lactose intolerant. Oops! Lesson learned, people often add dairy to fluff up scrambled eggs.

Reunion of friends at Breck Dew Tour.

Reunion of friends at Breck Dew Tour.

After a month of skiing in Colorado it was time to make the 8 hour road trip home to Salt Lake City, Utah. I happily settled back into my apartment but just long enough to fit in my first powder turns of the season. A day of shooting with photographer Re Wikstrom at Alta, one of my favorite mountains, was just what I needed! Then it was off to Green Bay, Wisconsin for some long overdue holiday family time.

Happy to be home in my favorite halfpipe. Park City with Kimmy Sharp!

Happy to be home in my favorite halfpipe. Park City with Kimmy Sharp!

After the hectic holidays I was ready to get back into a halfpipe. Park City Mountain Resort is home to my favorite halfpipe in the world! Opening day was epic! Great people, great weather and a beautiful halfpipe all to ourselves. Training progressed smooth that week until one day while working on my left 900, I caught the deck (top of the halfpipe) falling 15+ feet onto my side. I knocked myself out and sustained only a minor concussion thanks to my helmet and mouth-guard. I was restricted from skiing for 10 days, forcing me to miss the Copper Mountain Grand Prix. This was a huge let down, for the Grand Prix competitions are very highly ranked in our sport.

After 10 days off, I got back on snow and began to rebuild my confidence. With 1 day of skiing in Utah, I was off to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada for The North Face Open Whistler event. Being born and raised in Bellingham, WA (only 3 hours from Whistler), flying into Vancouver was like coming home. I was greeted outside the airport by air heavy with moisture and evergreen trees abundant. The Pacific Northwest will always have my heart. I placed 2nd at the event and my mom drove up to cheer me on!

2nd place podium in Whistler and my mom was there to cheer me on!

2nd place podium in Whistler and my mom was there to cheer me on!

Click on link to see the Newschoolers article on Finals

It was bittersweet being back in Whistler, where I first met my friend and fallen skier Sarah Burke at a summer ski camp many years ago. That summer Sarah taught me my first 360 in a halfpipe and snuck me into my first bar to go dancing. Whistler was Sarah’s home and where I fell in love with freeskiing. After her passing last January, we gathered in the Whistler halfpipe for a memorial and celebration of her life. Being back at the place where we lit candles to symbolize her light living on in all of us, brought back so many emotions. It was a roller-coaster trip for me. I am so grateful for the support of my coach, good friends and my mom!

Forever in our hearts, we miss you Sarah!

Forever in our hearts, we miss you Sarah!

“Balance” is my mantra for 2013, reminding me to embrace both the ups and the downs this year. For each is vital in knowing the other.

Next up: Park City Grand Prix January 31st. Click link for event Schedule 

The Comeback update #1

Seems fitting to start with a stroll down memory lane…

Hello from sunny Breckenridge, Colorado. It’s update time…

After returning home from New Zealand, I spent 2 months preparing for the North American winter ski season. With strategic planning, training, eating and mental preparation, I feel ready to take on the busiest competitive season I have ever had. (For example, I have 4 contests before Christmas, when in years past my first contest was mid January!)

Thanksgiving day I set out in the “Silver Bullet” (my Subaru Oakback) from my cozy home in Salt Lake City, Utah to chilly Boulder, Colorado. I was lucky enough to spend a fabulous “Friendsgiving” at the beautiful Katrina Siegfried’s home. I rolled up to her house right as dinner was being served. Katrina took on the challenge of baking a feast that stuck to my Whole30 dietary needs. In a nutshell, Whole30 eating cuts out grains, legumes, dairy and anything processed/refined. Basically I can eat meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. It was quite the treat to be able to eat everything at the table. Believe me, this NEVER happens!

I have been skiing in Summit County for 9 days, 4 of which have been in Copper Mountain’s halfpipe. With it being the first halfpipe open of the season, everyone and their brother is here. It is a wonderful, yet busy reunion of old friends and new faces.

Day 1, 2 and 3 at Copper had their ups and downs, falls and triumphs. But today provided my most profound lesson yet.

“When making a comeback, you must let go of what was, what could have been, and what should be… and focus on what is.” 

My friend Tori Beattie gave me some amazing advice. She suggested I treat each trick as if I am learning it for the first time. This really resonates with my current struggle… my frustration comes when I compare my current skiing to how I used to ski 4 years ago. My plan is to calm my mind and focus on the progress I am making. Rome was not built in a day, and I WILL ski to my potential once again.

BIG shout out to my friends, family and coach Luke Allen for all the positive vibes and advice this week.

Cheers to patience, dedication and strength of character!