It Was Fate

LymeLight Foundation

In the midst of fundraising for my documentary film LymeLight, a Lyme Disease awareness piece based on my story, I was contacted by the chairman of a non-profit named “LymeLight Foundation.” I remember being very surprised by this news, for I had yet to hear of the foundation and searched this name many times before choosing it for my film. As I met with LymeLight Foundation in the months following our introduction, the potential for a partnership blossomed. Not only do we share the same name, we share the same mission: “to bring support to the Lyme community.”

For over a decade I battled Lyme Disease and was challenged both physically, emotionally and financially. Through my journey back to health, I experienced the rocky road that Lyme patients must travel. From flying cross country to find a Lyme literate doctor, to paying for the majority of my treatment out of pocket, I know the burden Lyme patients carry. I am fortunate to have had the resources required to take on treatment, but the harsh reality is that many are not able to afford it. LymeLight Foundation has filled the much needed role of providing grants to young people and children battling Lyme Disease. The money they raise goes directly to patients needing support. As LymeLight Chairman Scott Bedford explains, “LymeLight Foundation aspires to bring hope for a healthy future to children and young adults struggling with the disease. The financial cost of Lyme Disease can cripple an entire family. A grant from LymeLight Foundation can help ease that burden.”

I am thrilled and honored to announce my partnership with the LymeLight Foundation. I have signed on as a spokeswoman for the coming year and will carry this cause with me throughout my competition season. Along with spreading the word about their great work, I will be donating a portion of all my winnings.


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